Stationary Gen-sets

Maximizing the performance while minimizing the power consumption and noise.

Our high performance fans can be found on many large 8, 12, and 18 cylinder noise optimized gen-sets powering rural towns, remote islands, or as safety critical emergency power solutions for hospitals and high rise buildings requiring 100% reliability. WingFan engineers are always available for on-site testing together with the cooling package supplier to determine the best possible fan configuration / position for a particular shroud geometry, thereby minimizing the fan power consumption and noise.

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See all Axial Fans Apps

Oil Rig [ATEX]

Our fans are custom designed to operate reliably in some of the most demanding operating environments with conformity to the explosive atmosphere directive (ATEX).

Bus Air Conditioning

WingFan's innovative fan technology helps to reduce emissions of busses while further lowering the fuel consumption.