The global benchmark for axial fan solutions

WingFan is the international leader for customized Axial Fan and FanClutch solutions focusing on engine cooling in mobile and stationary applications and HVAC/Refrigeration.

Focus on
long time

Contributing significantly to our OEM customers’ aim of reducing emissions helps us to build relationships that last for a long time. And most of our global customers trust us since decades.

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Our R&D engineers are sitting door to door with our sales engineers that are working directly with our OEM customers since the beginning. This is the only way to really learn about our customers’ requirements and develop better solutions to solve them. 

Since we have patented the adjustable pitch angle back in 1977 most of the milestones in fan design that you can find in our markets today were designed by WingFan.

State-of-the-Art test facilities help to speed up the design process. As a result you can see that WingFan each single year introduces several new products.

Technical Know-How

Global support

Our commitment to having the industry’s best customer service starts with having fan and technical experts available to work directly with you. WingFan operates a truly global network of technical support and sales offices. 

We are able to assist you from concept through to prototyping, pre-launch and series production. It is common for us to begin working with engineers in one region of the world and support series production in another region.