Customized cooling solutions.

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Smart cooling solutions for engine cooling in mobile and stationary applications.

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Gen-set equipment

Noise optimized gen-sets powering rural towns, remote islands, or as safety critical emergency power solutions for hospitals and high rise buildings requiring 100% reliability.

Construction machinery

Advanced aerodynamics minimize the noise emissions while providing enough airflow to cool the engine in any climate.


Extremely reliable Cooling System solutions developed for high demands at sea, long service life, low noise and vibration values and a compact design.

Industry & power plants

Demanding offshore equipment ready for installation in remote and difficult locations.

Oil & gas extraction

We offer solutions with anti-static material to be used in applications with conformity to the explosive atmosphere directive (ATEX).


Custom engineered Cooling System solutions for diverse industry applications!


We have indepth knowledge and the know-how to solve the challenging cooling issues in extremely cramped engine compartments with stringent emissions regulations.

Design and production of cooling solutions for Stationary, Containerized and Marine Gensets.

Smart customized cooling solutions

Design with specific applications in mind.

Engine power units

Maximizing the performance while minimizing the power consumption and noise.


Reliable and robust Cooling Solutions with special materials that meet most fire standards worldwide.

Lifting & road works

Our extremely robust cooling System Solutions are built to withstand the toughest operating conditions on machines that demand long maintenance intervals.

Oil & gas extraction

Our Cooling System solutions are custom designed to operate reliably in some of the most demanding operating environments with conformity to the explosive atmosphere directive (ATEX).

Power generator

Up to 18 cylinder gen-sets that have to enable 100% reliability.


WingFan's Cooling System solutions reduce sound levels for workplace noise.

Data center

Efficient Cooling Systems results in minimum operating costs and a low carbon Footprint. WingFan's Solutions are designed to deliver the right temperature air, at the right volume, in the right place and at the right time.

Lifting & road works

Low noise Cooling system solutions - a perfect fit for Stage V applications!

Earthmoving machines

Solutions designed to work with the latest technology and meet the ever more stringent emission regulations.

agricultural machinery

Extremely dusty conditions, unfavorable airflow and high resistance caused by rotating radiator screens or planar dust extraction systems are commonly found in modern agriculture equipment. These conditions can all be efficiently mastered with our range of heavy duty robust fuel saving Cooling systems.


Cooling System solutions with lowest possible fuel consumption and extremely low maintenance.

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