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Mastering Airflow is more than a slogan, it is desire to create the smartest solutions for you.


WingFan has been globally synonymous with state-of-the-art, customized fan solutions for over 60 years. We have had successful cooperation with international OEM customers, who have repeatedly approached us with the desire for WingFan to offer complete system solutions.


Using our decades of application expericence and our core aerodynamic competence, it has allowed us to gain a precise understanding of the various factors influencing the cooling or air performance of a system solution.

edge tech

In addition, we have combined industry leading experience in the field of development and manufacturing through targeted company acquisitions. This allows us the to customize solutions using best practices on the cutting edge of technology.

Today, this knowledge enables us to offer a broad portfolio of innovative and efficient products tailored to your needs.

Development and
manufacturing competencies:


FEM enables us to calculate the structural performance of a system and identify potential problems before the tool is set up for production.

Custom testing

Benefit from our state-of-the-art wind tunnel! 

The performance of your cooling package is greatly influenced by the position of the fan in the shroud, shroud geometry and upstream and downstream airflow restrictions.

Customization of the shroud and ideal fan placement according to your required working point will ensure optimum air flow profiles, efficiency, and a reduction in noise emissions.

Testing airflow performance of the entire cooling package on our inlet side chamber test rig will ensure that the cooler achieves the required performance before costly field performance tests are conducted. Use the extensive experience of our engineering team to find the smartest fan solution for your cooler.

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Wind Tunnel

Use the extensive experience of our engineering team to find the smartest cooling solution for your system.

Burst test

The test consists of accelerating the fan’s blade until it bursts open.


Analysis and prediction of flow patterns, pressure distribution, and their interactions with counteracting flows, objects, and structures alike.


As regards design and construction, activities are based on the use of CAD 3D applications, including solid-modelling systems.

Start-Stop test facility

Simulation of a product life time cycle.

Vibration test – Resonant frequencies

Designing for improved durability.

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