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You need a solutions for your specific applications requirements. WingFan provides customized solutions for virtually all kind of applications.

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Oil Rig [ATEX]

Our fans are custom designed to operate reliably in some of the most demanding operating environments with conformity to the explosive atmosphere directive (ATEX).

Bus Air Conditioning

WingFan's innovative fan technology helps to reduce emissions of busses while further lowering the fuel consumption.

Snow cannon

A snow cannon uses a powerful axial fan to propel the water jet to great distance. Reliable under the most adverse conditions outside in the ski area.


High performance under the most adverse conditions outside in the ski area with less fuel consumption thanks to reduced fan speed.

Airport Tow Truck

WingFan's robust axial fans, which are used in airport tow trucks, provide the lowest possible fuel consumption and are extremely low maintenance.


WingFan's telehandler axial fans run quiet with minimal noise, provide fuel savings and have compact dimensions.


The custom-made axial fans from WingFan always offer exactly the required cooling capacity. This reduces fuel consumption and noise, while maximizing engine power available for other grader functions.


Unique solutions for specialized applications. WingFan’s experienced team of engineers will gladly provide guidance to find the best fan solution for your unique air movement demands.

Wind Power

The low noise, low vibration and compact design of WingFan systems allow them to be integrated into a wide range of offshore equipment ready for installation in remote and difficult locations.


Our axial fans for trucks provide rugged reliability due to advanced features such as low noise levels and energy efficiency.

Fog Cannon / Mist Cannon

The fog cannon is becoming more important to suppress dust and help with air pollution. Our powerful and energy-efficient fans, can provide high airflow and a spraying distance of up to 150m.

Mining [ATEX]

We offer solutions with anti-static material to be used in applications with conformity to the explosive atmosphere directive (ATEX).

Foam Generator

Mobile Foam Generator is used to produce large amounts of foam very quickly covering high risk areas.


Experience in configuring a fan that cools high torque motors with increased power rating and meets the most demanding operating parameters.

Banana Ripening

Reversible axial fans for optimized air flow in a highly efficient ripening system with very low energy consumption.

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