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Wingfan SELECT, the leading fan selection software in the industry, is the best tool to support your fan sizing. Learn about the unique features like 3D visualisation, resonance data, project management.

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3D Visualization

The feature creates highly accurate 3D visualizations to show what the fan configuration will look like once completed.

Performance Data

The feature is intended to provide an overview of the performance of the selected fan and its parameters.

Drawing Export

Each individual fan selection can be exported as a technical drawing to the Portable Document Format (PDF).

Efficient selection with full control

Directly search for fan solutions with BLEX® Technology to get the WingFan advantage! New filter functions can help organize your results list to narrow your scope to the best solutions!

3D Animation

Automated 3D Animation provides a faster way to easily visualize the function and behavior of your fan configuration.

Resonance Check

This particular feature identify and/or confirm a high vibration level caused by a resonance frequency caused by the chosen fan speed.

Comparison List

You are able to compare fans to each other with different diameters or tip clearances for example.

Stall Check

The Stall-Check available for HVAC applications will automatically sort the fan search results to show only fans with the most favorable performance curves and the best aerodynamical conditions for ventilation and refridgeration.

Exchange in STEP-File-Format

3D File Export

An important function in the data exchange relationship between the SELECT and CAD worlds is the ability to port the Fan assembly into mechanical design software for the purposes of physical clearance checking.

Sound Data

Sound calculation significantly improved and redesigned.