Introducing the Smart Configuration System

WingFan’s core competence in aerodynamic engineering provides you with the most advanced technologies and innovative blade profiles that are designed with specific applications in mind.

Remarkable versatility.
For demanding applications.

The main components of our assebled fans are the blades and the hubs. In most  cases a center boss or bushing is added to mount the fan. The configuration possibilities of the extensive modular component system provides the following advantages:

What makes our system highly customizable?

Our state of the art fans can be readily manufactured to any size required, with an extensive range of centre bosses and mounting options to suit all engines and motors, may it be electric, hydraulic or engine driven.

Why are we so flexible?

As a hidden champion in the field completes with  30+ hubs and 24+ different blade-profiles, there is a blade design, material and hub arrangement that delivers the low noise, high efficiency fan our customers expect from the best.

24H prototypes
Short developing /prototype timelines
Prototypes within 24H

Understanding the urgency a project sometimes requires, our flexible modular fan system enables our engineering and production team to design and produce a prototype in a short notice our customers demand.

Fully adaptable due to all mounting options

WingFan can offer an appropriate mounting solution no matter what drive type you have available in your machine or application. We will provide guidance regarding the most suitable material and assist with adapter design where necessary.

Quick series delivery

Our agile and dedicated production team, worldwide locations and the implementation of Industry 4.0 ensure our products are delivered to our customers in the shortest possible timeframe with strict quality control.

Aftermarket and spare parts

Our think global, act local approach means our highly experienced, globally located experts are there to provide on demand help to deliver the optimal solution for your existing equipment, wherever in the world it came from.

With WingFan, you don’t have to wait for long development, or master airflow skills, or worry about integrating to your system, construction and solution.

Smart Configuration is the answer.

We offer a fully turn-key Fan Solution, and an integrated approach for localising the potentials increasing the performance. This saves you the time, money and energy you need to focus on your application.

Using the power of WingFan's
Smart Fan Technology.

Our Smart Configuration System will increase the effectivenes of your application as well as the efficiency of your manufacturing processes.

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Blade Profiles

The blade is always the most important component of a fan. WingFan’s core competence in aerodynamic engineering provides you with the most advanced technologies and results in the most comprehensive line of innovative, high efficient blade profiles, that are always designed with specific applications in mind.



Sickle Blade Profiles

The forward swept wide chord width blades improve the pressure at lower rotation speed while minimizing the leading and trailing edge blade pass frequencies. Sickle blades are often used in noise sensitive refrigeration, oil cooler and off-highway equipment applications.

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Airfoil Blade Profiles

A highly versatile blade profile used in the most demanding engine cooling applications while also offering high efficiency and low noise air movement in cooling tower and HVAC applications.

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EDGE Blade Profiles

Specifically designed blades for HVAC applications with extra broad chord width deliver maximum air volume at low rpm providing the highest efficiency of its class.

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Circular Arc


Circular Arc Blade Profiles

The ideal profile for very cramped engine compartments with poor inlet and restricted downstream airflow requiring high airflow while overcoming high resistance. Circular arc profiles are frequently chosen for demanding engine cooling applications in construction and agricultural machines.

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Broad Circular Arc


Broad Circular Arc Blade Profiles

The broad circular arc profile is ideal for producing high airflow at noise reducing low motor speeds for refrigeration, condenser, hydraulic cooler and cooling tower applications.

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Reversible Blade Profiles

Applications requiring equal airflow in both directions such as kilns for wood drying and tunnel ventilation require a high efficiency symmetrical blade profile.

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Hub System

Our wide range of die cast aluminum hubs offer a flexible platform to mount various numbers of blades and blade types for light duty stationary fans as well as extra heavy duty mobile cooling fans. Special high strength gravity die cast hubs and even steel hubs can be configured for the most demanding operating environments.

Light Duty


Light duty hubs

3 - 14 blades.

Medium Duty


Medium duty hubs

3 - 16 blades.

Heavy Duty


Heavy duty hubs

5 - 8 blades & light duty 3 blade hub

Extreme Duty


Extreme duty hubs

5 - 12 blades.



For individual requirements

Hubs designed for individual requirements complement our product range, e.g. specifically designed for the combination with clutches guarantee minimized space requirements, such as for significant weight reduction, or solutions available with outer rim bolting to fit onto drive shafts with larger diameters, and last but not least super compact and lightweight being mostly made of polyamide.

Low noise fan technology

Blade Extensions

The blade extensions at the tip of the blades are made of flexible high-tech fabric designed to adapt the fan diameter to the contour of the shroud thereby reducing the clearance close to ZeroTip®. Turbulences are reduced and slippage eliminated.

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Fans with clutches control fan speed depending to the real cooling demand while reducing cyclic fan noise and improving fuel economy. WingFan can deliver the clutch together with a special space-saving offset hub to ensure that the fan and clutch will fit into the most compact cooling packages.



Electronic Clutches

Viscous performance with electronic control. With VISCTRONIC® direct-actuated clutches, you get better cooling performance with greater fan control, less parasitic horsepower loss, and less noise. The VISCTRONIC® clutch is controlled by the engine’s control module for precise fan speed modulation. Lower disengaged fan speed improves fuel economy and reduces overcooling. The VISCTRONIC® clutches ability to better control engine temperature effectively provides the cooling needed for low exhaust emission requirements.



Bimetal Clutches

Air-sensing viscous clutches are ideal for a wide range of applications where quiet operation, excellent cooling performance, and cost efficiency are important. Air-sensing viscous clutches utilize a bimetallic sensor that reacts to heat exchanger air temperatures to control fan speed. This smooth transitional speed control can extend belt and accessory life, reduce cyclic fan noise, and improve operator comfort — all while boosting engine performance and improving fuel economy.

Hubs For Clutch Integration


Special hubs for clutch integration

Combined with our hubs specifically designed for the integration of clutches, mimimum installation depth can be kept without the typical added space requirement.

Mounting Options

WingFan can offer an appropriate mounting solution no matter what drive type you have available in your machine or application. We will provide guidance regarding the most suitable material and assist with adapter design where necessary.


Engine Mount

WingFan’s flange drive is typically used for diesel engines and is directly mounted onto the engine driven pulley or crankshaft. It requires a pilot hole for centering along with a bolt circle to fasten the fan securely.


Hydraulic Motor

Conical or tapered shaft forged center boss with or without a keyway.


Shaft Mount

Cylindrical bore with a keyway for mounting onto an electric motor.


Bushing Mount

Taper lock or QD (Quick Disconnect) bushings with NEMA or metric bushings.







unique solutions


WingFan offers a wide variety of injection-molded one-piece fans.

For high volume applications, we can provide you with our know-how to custom-develop fans to your specific needs. Working closely together, we can deliver the economic benefits of one-piece fans with an optimised solution.

The mounting of the one-piece fan can be configured flexibly with varying BCD on inner plates with metal or plastic inserts.

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