BLEX® Blade Extensions

BLEX® at a S45Y

BLEX® at a S45Y

Advanced welding technology

5-bladed S45Y + BLEX®

5-bladed S45Y + BLEX®

Smart Technology at your blade tips!

ZeroTip® clearance technology

Hightech textile strips at the tip of the blade (BLEX - Blade Extensions) eliminate the turbulences and giving you a considerable noise reduction

The biggest challenge in developing BLEX®, was an issue common to all previously available blade extension technologies on the market: wear and tear up to the point of total failure.

WingFan's BLEX® technology is designed to endure stresses many times, which may occur in the field - with the perfect blend of material properties and bonding processes.

Extra performance! | Half the noise! | Maximized efficiency!

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