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Compressor Stationary

Not an "of-the-shelf"
electric fan.

Standard “off the shelf” electric fans can seldom achieve the high airflow and static pressure required by large industrial and oil-free compressors. Our sickle profile fans have proven to be the ideal low-noise ErP eco-design compliant solution in a side-by-side contra-rotating fan configuration now used by many of the world’s largest OEM industrial compressor manufacturers.

Sample Configurations

6-bladed P2H axial fan

for diameters up to 400mm

4-bladed Z4Z axial fan

for diameters up to 726mm

5-bladed P3H axial fan

for diameters up to 675mm


  • Minimum wear on motors and bearings
  • Low-noise ErP eco-design compliant
  • High airflow and static pressure
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