Cooling Towers

Large cost effective fan diameters with low tubulence

Cooling Towers

Fans for low power consumption and noise characteristics.

Large diameter cost effective fans for induced or forced draught cooling towers with low power consumption and noise characteristics are important selection criteria. Our BLEX blade extension technology can assist in dramatically reducing the noise emissions by reducing the tip clearance close to zero, which also results in a measureable power consumption reduction. In some cases the performance of a fan fitted BLEX blade extensions is increased to the extent that a lower motor speed can be used, further reducing the fan noise.

Sample Configurations

6-bladed P9T axial fan

for diameters up to 1859mm

10-bladed P9T axial fan

for diameters up to 1982mm

8-bladed EDGE 5 axial fan

for diameters up to 1357mm


  • Low energy consumption
  • Large diameter fan
  • Lightweight and highly efficient
  • Reduced noise
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