Skid-Steer Loader

High pressure and airflow demands in Skid-steer machines.


Very high rpm to cool the machine effectively.

WingFan has developed a high performance one-piece fan specifically for the extremely high pressure and airflow demands in Skid-steer machines. The very limited space available for the fan requires a very high rpm to cool the machine effectively with a relatively small diameter fan. By applying BLEX® blade extensions to the tips of the blades it is possible to reduce the rpm by up to 800 rpm and still achieve the same cooling performance but with up to 6 dBA less noise.

Sample Configurations

5-bladed VS2 one-piece fan

for diameters up to 454mm

6-bladed S2Z axial fan with BLEX

for diameters up to 526mm


  • Maximum efficiency
  • Up to 6 dBA less noise
  • Extremely high pressure in limited space
  • High durability
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