Gen-Sets Portable

Fans that solve extra challenges for effective cooling


Portable containerized generators are often deployed in urban noise sensitive areas.

Containerized gen-sets pose an extra challenge for effective cooling due to the very high resistance caused by airflow direction changes, noise attenuators and louvres on the air inlets and outlets. These portable containerized generators are often deployed in urban areas for special events such as music festivals or televised sport events where gen-set noise cannot be tolerated. WingFan can provide guidance to help configure a fan to achieve the noise and cooling targets.

Sample Configurations

5-bladed P4Z axial fan

for diameters up to 789mm

6-bladed P9T axial fan

for diameters up to 1859mm


  • Robust and efficient
  • Low power consumption and noise
  • Large diameters
  • Maximum airflow
Find the optimal fan solution for your application with our user- friendly and powerful engineering tool.

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