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Highly efficiant axial fans + clutch combination.

WingFan works with many large tractor OEM’s to design small diameter space-saving fans specially adapted to the dimensions of bimetal or electronically controlled viscous clutches. Advanced CFD techniques are used to dramatically reduce noise and fuel consumption while increasing the air-to-boil temperature.

In combination with BLEX® technology available only at WingFan, we have extensive in-depth knowledge and many years of experience with the world's leading manufacturers to solve complex and challenging issues of the most diverse cooling systems in tractors.

Sample Configurations

10-bladed S1H axial fan with bi-metal clutch

for diameters up to 574mm

11-bladed S14H axial fan with visctronic clutch

for diameters up to 703mm

10-bladed S13H axial fan with bi-metal clutch

for diameters up to 618mm

12-bladed P6Z axial fan

for diameters up to 1248mm


  • High engine efficiency
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Low noise
Find the optimal fan solution for your application with our user- friendly and powerful engineering tool.

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