Forage Harvester

Tackle unique difficulties in cooling 450 to 1100 hp engines

Forage Harvester

Toughest materials and advanced fan design to withstand the high vibration and extreme temperatures.

WingFan’s extra heavy duty fans can be found cooling many of the world’s most powerful forage harvesters. The unique difficulties in cooling the 450 to 1100 hp engines while the harvesters traverse rough terrain at speed require the toughest materials and advanced fan design to withstand the high vibration, extreme temperatures and gyroscopic forces. Manufacturers of specialized agricultural machines turn to WingFan to help them solve some of the most challenging cooling demands with highly compact hydraulically driven fans. WingFan’s experienced team of engineers can provide guidance to sufficiently cool your machine and ensure maximum durability.

Sample Configurations

12-bladed P6Z axial fan

for diameters up to 1248mm

8-bladed P8Y axial fan

for diameters up to 1390mm


  • High efficiency
  • Robust and powerful
  • Minimum deflection
  • Large diameters
  • Heavy duty design
Find the optimal fan solution for your application with our user- friendly and powerful engineering tool.

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