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System requirements

Operating system:
    - Windows 7/8/10 64bit
    - Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.1

  Hardware minimal:
    - CPU: 2 GHz
    - RAM: 4 GB
    - Screen resolution: 1024 x 768 Pixels

  Hardware recommended:
    - CPU: 3 GHz
    - RAM: 8 GB
    - Screen resolution: 1920 x 1080 Pixels

The registration, license check and online update requires an internet connection.

Changelog (2020-10-30)

- Selection option "Installation type" has been devided into "Shroud type" and "Outflow"
  - New outflow type "Engine downstream" (needs online activation)
- Sound calculation significantly improved and redesigned
- 3D visualization now shows BLEX (if a BLEX-enabled fan is selected)
- Database updates
  - Minimum temperature for AL reduced to -60 °C
  - Fans with S38Z/PAGAFR are now included
  - Updated performance data for S48Z in Orifice plate
- Stall check improved
- Resistance factor symbol "σ" changed to "τ"
- New main menu option "Save Selection as..."
- Many other fixes and improvements (2020-04-09)

- Updated performance data for S1H, S13H, S14H, S16H in 7-bladed H-hub
- v/h-dimensions for S48Z fans added
- Option "BLEX included" now gets deactivated if BLEX are not possible for the selected fan (2020-03-27)

- Contact dialog enhanced
  - new contact purpose option "Ask for support"
- SELECT now offers you to "ask for support" if no suitable fan configuration was found for your current selection.
  If you click "yes", the new contact dialog appears with pre-filled data - just click "send" and wait for our reply.
- Fan database updated (2020-02-14)

- Updated performance data for FLIP5Z fans
- Better error handling when saving files (2020-01-15)

- Fixed: Internet connection through proxy server with authentication did not work in some cases (2019-11-19)

- Fixed: Removed default text from project description (2019-11-18)

- Right side panel improved
  - Vertical scrollbar appears automatically if needed
  - Added 2D preview (foldable) to get a quick preview of the selected fan (2019-11-08)

- Added performance data for FLIP5Z
  - Nozzle 3-3, 9-9, 6-12, 12-12 @ 100% immersion
- Updated performance data for S45Y 3-3(220) (2019-10-09)

- Fixed: Changing the project name did not change the label of the tab anymore
- Minor fixes (2019-10-02)

- Fan and performance database updated
  - New blade S48Z added
  - New blade FLIP5Z added  
  - New 3-bladed T hub with 285mm outer diameter added  
  - Performance data for fans with 7-bladed H-hub added
    - P2H, S1H, S14H, S13H, S16H
  - Performance data for P6Z 3-12 added  
  - Max. tip speed data for AL fans and S13H updated
- GUI improvements
  - New mechanical data table on right side panel (always visible)
  - Project data text field now offers text formatting features (right mouse click to open context menu)  
  - Added "Resistance factor σ" to the operating point data table
- 3D visualization
  - Rendering speed significantly improved
  - Renderer OpenGL is now default  
  - Changing renderer (OpenGL/Direct3D) now prompts for restart before becoming active
  - Visible "pushed" status for all toggle buttons
- Help file updated (AL material temperature range)
- Many minor fixes and improvements (2019-08-08)

- 3D visualization
  - Mechanical data table optimized
  - Rendering speed slightly improved
  - Animation now stops if the program is minimized
- Minor bugs fixed (2019-07-24)

- Fixed problem with file version check (2019-07-23)

- Fixed incorrect weight for P5Z fans
- Default units for unit system "imperial" overhauled
- Fixed blurry icons on 3D visualization if renderer is set to "OpenGL" (2019-07-22)

- Fixed: PDF export still did not display the picture of the selected fan in some cases
- Improved wait cursor usage (2019-07-19)

- Fixed: PDF export did not display the picture of the selected fan in some cases
- Fixed: Program does not exit anymore in case an PDF export error occurs
- Added advanced setting "Renderer" for 3D visualization to switch between Direct3D and OpenGL rendering
- Minor improvements (2019-07-12)

- Renamed some countries in the country selection to make them easier to find
- Minor fixes (2019-07-12)

- Fixed: PDF export file was not generated directly or caused an error in some cases (2019-06-19)

- Fixed: Automatic search for variable rpm did not work correctly in some cases (2019-06-12)

- Resonance data for EDGE5Z fans added
- Fixed: 3D visualization / 2D drawing dimensioning for imperial units
- Fixed: Max. tip-speed value for imperial unit system was shown in "m/s" instead of "ft/s"
- Minor fixes and improvements (2019-04-15)

- Performance data for fans with 12-bladed T-hub now available
- 3D visualization glitches for K7Z and S1H fans fixed
- Registration dialog improved
  - Now shows the registration ID
  - Phone No. is now mandatory
- Minor fixes and improvements (2019-04-10)

- Fixed: UserInfo dialog did not save/load the setting "show address on PDF"
- Fixed: Function "send selection as email" crashed on some systems
- Minor Fixes and improvements (2019-04-09)

- Fixed: v/h-dimensions were not displayed correctly in some cases on the 3D visualization specs table (2019-04-08)

- Initial public release of the new major version 8 (SELECT 3D)

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