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The essential tool for professional engineers and project planners!

New feature-​packed release version 7

Now even faster and with an unrivalled ease of use, constantly updated and improved to your requirements to provide reliability and stability.

The newest features make SELECT the most advanced fan selection software in the industry!


The new Stall-Check available for HVAC applications will automatically sort the fan search results to show only fans with the most favorable performance curves and the best aerodynamical conditions for ventilation and refridgeration.

4x higher definition of the performance curves

The upgraded database with an unrivaled amount of data points give the performance curves in SELECT a 4x higher definition! Improved curves will help you find suitable fan solutions for your application accurately in just a few clicks!

Search for BLEX® and new filters

Directly search for fan solutions with BLEX® Technology to get the WingFan advantage!

New filter functions can help organize your results list to narrow your scope to the best solutions!

New feature-​packed release version 7

Powerful engineering tool for professional engineers!

SELECT is the exceptionally user-​friendly fan selection software and an essential tool for professional engineers and project planners to quickly find the optimal fan solution for the application at hand.

The extensive list of features in this powerful fan selection software include:

  • Project and session management
  • Comparison capabilities of fans and their performance data curves
  • 2D visualisation of the selected fans
  • PDF creation of fan data sheets and comparison charts
  • ERP document creation
  • Multi-language support

Performance data curves

2D visualisation

ERP document creation

Get your free personal copy of SELECT now!

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