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Modular System

WingFan's Smart Fan Technology works for you!

Every customer has a very individual set of installation parameters and frequently pursue different goals that determine the choice for the best suited fan solution. By intelligently combining WingFan's modules and smart technologies we can create highly customized solutions that accurately fit your application.

Custom engineered for maximum efficiency and low noise

WingFan’s modular system allows you to configure the fan to suit your specific installation requirements based on operating points, airflow direction (pusher or puller) and mounting type.

A wide variety of blade and boss materials can be configured to ensure maintenance free operation for the lifespan of the machine.

Specially composited polymer materials also ensure prolonged usage of our axial fans in highly demanding operation conditions such as off-shore applications and potentially explosive environments.


Our high performance axial fan blade profiles have specifically designed geometries and specialized materials to match the key performance requirements for almost any air movement application.

Sickle profile

The forward swept wide chord width blades improve the pressure at lower rotation speed while minimizing the leading and trailing edge blade pass frequencies. Sickle blades are often used in noise sensitive refrigeration, oil cooler and off-highway equipment applications.

All axial fans with sickle blade profile (Click thumbnails to view galleries)

Airfoil profile

A highly versatile blade profile used in the most demanding engine cooling applications while also offering high efficiency and low noise air movement in cooling tower and HVAC applications.

All axial fans with airfoil blade profile (Click thumbnails to view galleries)

EDGE blade profile

Specifically designed blades for HVAC applications with extra broad chord width deliver maximum air volume at low rpm providing the highest efficiency of its class.

All axial fans with EDGE blade profile (Click thumbnail to view gallery)

Circular arc profile

The ideal profile for very cramped engine compartments with poor inlet and restricted downstream airflow requiring high airflow while overcoming high resistance. Circular arc profiles are frequently chosen for demanding engine cooling applications in construction and agricultural machines.

All axial fans with circular arc profile (Click thumbnails to view galleries)

Broad circular arc profile

The broad circular arc profile is ideal for producing high airflow at noise reducing low motor speeds for refrigeration, condenser, hydraulic cooler and cooling tower applications.

All axial fans with broad circular arc profile (Click thumbnail to view galleries)

Reversible profile

Applications requiring equal airflow in both directions such as kilns for wood drying and tunnel ventilation require a high efficiency symmetrical blade profile.

All axial fans with reversible blade profile (Click thumbnail to view gallery)


Our wide range of die cast aluminum hubs offer a flexible platform to mount various numbers of blades and blade types for light duty stationary fans as well as extra heavy duty mobile cooling fans. Special high strength gravity die cast hubs and even steel hubs can be configured for the most demanding operating environments.


Light duty hubs with 3 - 14 blades.


Medium duty hubs with 3 - 16 blades.


Heavy duty hubs with 5 - 8 blades & light duty 3 blade hub.


Extreme duty hubs with 5 - 12 blades.

Specialized hubs

Hubs designed for special requirements complement our product range.

Clutch integration
Hubs specifically designed for the combination with clutches guarantee minimized space requirements.


Light duty
Light duty hubs, such as the 3- and 4-bladed Z-hubs and the 3-bladed Y-hub, allow for significant weight reduction in their respective hub classes.


Outer rim bolting
The 8- and 10-bladed H-hubs are also available with outer rim bolting to fit onto drive shafts with larger diameters.


The 3-bladed H-hub is super compact and lightweight being mostly made of polyamide.
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WingFan can offer an appropriate mounting solution no matter what drive type you have available in your machine or application. We will provide guidance regarding the most suitable material and assist with adapter design where necessary.

Engine mount

Flange mounting directly onto an engine pulley requires a pilot hole for centering and a bolt circle to fasten the fan.

Hydraulic motor

Conical or tapered shaft forged center boss with or without a keyway

Shaft mount

Cylindrical bore with a keyway for mounting onto an electric motor


Taper lock or QD (Quick Disconnect) bushings with NEMA or metric bushings

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