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Axial Fan Solutions

We love smart!

Since WingFan patented the adjustable pitch angle our smart fan solutions have been the benchmark in the industry. Individually optimized fan solutions fitted with advanced technology such as clutches and BLEX® will maximize efficiency and greatly reduce noise to get more out of your application's potential!

One fan fits all?

Customized fan solutions are almost the only way to comply with todays noise and emissions legislations. Our extensive modular system allows us to custom configure axial fans to the application's individual requirements. WingFan’s core competence in aerodynamic engineering provides you with the most advanced technologies and innovative blade profiles that are designed with specific applications in mind. Combined with the wide range of hub sizes and shapes, we can fine-tune our fan configurations to suit desired operating points, airflow direction (pusher or puller) and mounting type in the most efficient way.

New technologies such as noise reducing BLEX® blade extensions and speed controlled electronic or bimetal fan clutch systems put WingFan at the forefront of cutting edge custom fan solutions.

Learn more about our smart modular system

BLEX® Technology

Smart Technology at your blade tips!


The blade extensions at the tip of the blades are made of flexible high-tech fabric designed to adapt the fan diameter to the contour of the shroud thereby reducing the clearance close to ZeroTip®.

Turbulences are reduced and slippage eliminated providing you with 3 astonishing advantages:

Extra performance!

Get dramatic increase in static pressure with the same fan and rotation speed just by adding BLEX® to the configuration!

Half the noise!

With WingFan’s BLEX® technology, the noise may be reduced by up to 10 dB(A). The noise at the fan blade tips caused by air slippage and turbulence is significantly reduced due to minimized tip clearances.

Maximized efficiency!

The same air flow can be achieved while reducing pitch angle and fan speed, thus lowering power consumption. The overall system efficiency is increased by up to 20% resulting in significant fuel/energy savings.

Durability like no other

The biggest challenge in developing BLEX®, was an issue common to all previously available blade extension technologies on the market: wear and tear up to the point of total failure.

What makes BLEX® superior?

The most durable technology for long-life performance!

WingFan's BLEX® technology is designed to endure stresses many times that which occurs in the field - with the perfect blend of material properties and bonding processes.

WingFan's advanced welding process

WingFan's advanced welding process was developed specifically for BLEX® and ensures a permanent bond between BLEX® and the blades. Even extreme centrifugal forces in the most hostile environments are handled with ease for lasting performance.

Why are BLEX flexible?

Long-term field tests have shown, that flexibility of the blade extension material is paramount to long-life performance under real world conditions. BLEX® also compensates momentary contact with the shroud, caused by external shocks typically seen in mobile applications, to protect the drive shaft and the fan blades from permanent damage.

BLEX® material & process

High-tech material recently developed for high performance competitive sport is used exclusively for BLEX® technology. Combined with our advanced welding technology - only available from WingFan - we can provide you with a solution you can trust. No matter what temperature extremes you have in your application, BLEX® will withstand all stresses even in the harshest environments.

The tensile strength surpasses the required safety factor by far, ensuring a long life cycle in continuous operation. Our unique welding process provides twice the shear force resistance of the required maximum value. Highest durability is also achieved by the greatly enhanced chemical resistance of the material against all fluids typically found in an engine bay.

State-of-the-art BLEX® technology is available with all thermo-plastic blade profiles in the WingFan product range.

Durability like no other


Clutches, which may be electronicly controled or bimetal activated, are mounted to the fan to provide the following advantages:

Show characteristic curve profile for noise and power consumption levelsHide characteristic curve profile for noise and power consumption levels
Improved fuel economy!

Free the motor from wasting energy on the fan when extensive cooling is not needed.

Reduce sound level!

By lowering the fan speed for operation with less load, the drive-by noise levels are significantly reduced.

Smooth the way for the approval process!

Less drive-by noise and better fuel economy can greatly prepare the ground for a smoother approval process and homologation of your machine.

Clutch types

Clutch types
Electronic Clutches

Viscous performance with electronic control. With VISCTRONIC® direct-actuated clutches, you get better cooling performance with greater fan control, less parasitic horsepower loss, and less noise. The VISCTRONIC® clutch is controlled by the engine’s control module for precise fan speed modulation. Lower disengaged fan speed improves fuel economy and reduces overcooling. The VISCTRONIC® clutches ability to better control engine temperature effectively provides the cooling needed for low exhaust emission requirements.

Bimetal Clutches

Air-sensing viscous clutches are ideal for a wide range of applications where quiet operation, excellent cooling performance, and cost efficiency are important. Air-sensing viscous clutches utilize a bimetallic sensor that reacts to heat exchanger air temperatures to control fan speed. This smooth transitional speed control can extend belt and accessory life, reduce cyclic fan noise, and improve operator comfort — all while boosting engine performance and improving fuel economy.

Special hubs for clutch integration

Our special hubs can encase the clutch to minimize added axial depth.

Combined with our hubs specifically designed for the integration of clutches, mimimum installation depth can be kept without the typical added space requirement.

Learn more about our modular system and specialized components

One-piece fans

WingFan offers a wide variety of injection-molded one-piece fans.

For high volume applications we can provide you with our know-how to custom-develop fans to your specific needs with the economical benefits of one-piece fans.

All injection molded one-piece fans (Click thumbnail to enlarge)

Customized mounting options

The mounting of the one-piece fan can be configured flexibly with varying BCD on inner plates with metal or plastic inserts.

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