WingFan Ltd. & Co. KG


Lademannbogen 10
22339 Hamburg

Tel: +49 (0)40 853 109 10
Fax: +49 (0)40 853 109 99

Company Profile

WingFan - global leader of customized axial fan solutions for engine cooling and HVAC/Refrigeration!

We love to design smart products for our OEM customers, providing them with the latest technologies to assist in complying with the strict emission directives of tomorrow. With manufacturing locations on 5 continents and a broad distributor network, we think global but act local.

“Technical innovation and quality cannot be claimed without proving it on a daily basis”

The history of our family business is one of modesty and innovation, which stems from ambition and hard work. From our humble beginnings in 1928 to our international status as a leader of axial fan solutions today, we have kept the same goal, to always be first in mind with quality oriented customers.

My grandfather’s motto “Technical innovation and quality cannot be claimed without proving it on a daily basis” still characterizes us today, and I am sure he would be proud of what the company has achieved with its employees on five continents and distributors throughout the world.

With great success comes great responsibility and we here at WingFan know that we cannot simply rest on our achievements, but must always advance and find new solutions for the demands of tomorrow. That is exactly what we are doing, developing solutions for our customers to enable them to comply with the continuously increasing emissions regulations.

Thank you for your interest

Patrick Hogrefe Signature

Patrick Hogrefe
Sole proprietor and Managing director

WingFan Headquarters in Hamburg, Germany

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