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Stationary Engine Cooling

Cooling fans with the utmost reliability and durability for extreme climates!

Compressors and emergency power or remote power gen-sets require a cooling fan with the utmost reliability and durability. The fan must be designed to have ample performance and strength reserves for operation in extreme climates and possibly highly corrosive off-shore conditions.

Noise attenuating enclosures often increase the airflow resistance to a point where very special fan solutions are required to meet the cooling performance and stringent noise emissions specifications.

WingFan has more than 40 years of experience providing the world’s leading OEM compressor and gen-set manufacturers with cooling fans for the most demanding climates.

Compressor Portable

Most portable compressors use a pusher fan configuration mounted directly onto the engine crankshaft to minimize the height of the engine enclosure. Great care must be taken to select a fan capable of withstanding the severe un-dampened torsional vibration from the crankshaft being transmitted directly in to fan blades. WingFan offers a number of specially reinforced low noise blade profiles specifically developed for cooling portable compressors.

Compressor Stationary

Standard “off the shelf” electric fans can seldom achieve the high airflow and static pressure required by large industrial and oil-free compressors. Our sickle profile fans have proven to be the ideal low-noise ErP eco-design compliant solution in a side-by-side contra-rotating fan configuration now used by many of the world’s largest OEM industrial compressor manufacturers.

Gen-sets Portable

Containerized gen-sets pose an extra challenge for effective cooling due to the very high resistance caused by airflow direction changes, noise attenuators and louvres on the air inlets and outlets. These portable containerized generators are often deployed in urban areas for special events such as music festivals or televised sport events where gen-set noise cannot be tolerated. WingFan can provide guidance to help configure a fan to achieve the noise and cooling targets.

Gen-sets Stationary

Our high performance fans can be found on many large 8, 12, and 18 cylinder noise optimized gen-sets powering rural towns, remote islands, or as safety critical emergency power solutions for hospitals and high rise buildings requiring 100% reliability. WingFan engineers are always available for on-site testing together with the cooling package supplier to determine the best possible fan configuration / position for a particular shroud geometry, thereby minimizing the fan power consumption and noise.

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