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Fan solutions for ever stricter eco-design directives!

Ever stricter eco-design directives have increased the demand for "greener" fan solutions. Our custom-configured axial fans will help you achieve a better efficiency which standard, off-the-shelf fan solutions often fail to provide.

Since 2013, the ErP Ecodesign Directive No 327 defines the minimum efficiency for fan driven by electric motors in the European Union. WingFan SELECT fan configuration software makes selecting an ErP compliant axial fan simple with an integrated ErP calculation tool and time-saving automated ErP certificate creation.

Refrigeration and ventilation applications require cost-effective high efficiency fans with the lowest possible noise emissions for operation in noise sensitive urban areas. WingFan can configure fans with aluminum, glass reinforced polyamide and carbon fiber reinforced polyamide with anti-static properties for explosive environments.

Cooling Towers

Large diameter cost effective fans for induced or forced draught cooling towers with low power consumption and noise characteristics are important selection criteria. Our BLEX blade extension technology can assist in dramatically reducing the noise emissions by reducing the tip clearance close to zero, which also results in a measureable power consumption reduction. In some cases the performance of a fan fitted BLEX blade extensions is increased to the extent that a lower motor speed can be used, further reducing the fan noise.

Grain Dryer

Grain dryers require efficient fans while being robust and resilient enough to withstand potentially abrasive dust. Low noise emissions are equally important when choosing fan to comply with the stringent ErP 2015 efficiency directive. Our high quality fan materials ensure the highest reliability and durability in modern batch and mixed flow dryers.

Heat Exchanger

WingFan’s robust yet lightweight fans for oil coolers and dry coolers can be fitted with a wide variety of center bosses to fit any electric motor. Our weight optimized thermoplastic blade material not only increases the bearing life of the motors, but are also a cost-effective cooling solution for standardized modular heat exchangers.

Livestock Ventilation

Energy efficiency and low noise are important factors when selecting a fan for climate controlled livestock environments. WingFan has developed state-of-the-art fan solutions powered with highly efficient permanent magnet motors for many of the industry leaders in livestock ventilation. Climate controlled sheds and barns for poultry, dairy cows, pigs and turkeys dramatically reduce the energy bill while improving the welfare of the animals and farm workers while improving the yield.

Wood Drying Kilns

Wood drying kilns and other dryers require fans that can efficiently deliver equal airflow in both airflow directions at high temperatures and humidity in a corrosive environment. These challenging conditions are perfectly mastered with our high efficiency truly reversible R4Z aluminum blade profile covering diameters up to 1013 mm.

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