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We strongly believe that we can contribute significantly to our customers’ aim of reducing emissions.

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Axial fan solutions

The history of our family business is one of modesty and innovation, which stems from ambition and hard work. From our humble beginnings in 1928 to our international status as a innovation leader and solution provider today, we have kept the same goal, to always be first in mind with quality oriented customers.

My grandfather’s motto “Technical innovation and quality cannot be claimed without proving it on a daily basis” still characterizes us today, and I am sure he would be proud of what the company has achieved with its employees on five continents and distributors throughout the world.

With great success comes great responsibility and we here at WingFan know that we cannot simply rest on our achievements, but must always advance and find new solutions for the demands of tomorrow. That is exactly what we are doing, developing solutions for our customers to enable them to comply with the continuously increasing emissions regulations.

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Patrick Hogrefe
Sole proprietor and Managing director


Outstanding Quality

We are committed to customer satisfaction achieved by clearly understanding customers’ needs and fulfilling those requirements through continual improvement of products, services, and the quality management system.

All WingFan locations worldwide are registered to ISO 9001:2015 — ISO Certificate.


A Global Network Ready To Support You

Our commitment to having the industry’s best customer service starts with having fan and technical experts available to work directly with you. WingFan operates a truly global network of technical support and sales offices. We are able to assist your engineers, beginning with concept discussion through to prototyping, pre-launch and series production. It is common for us to begin working with engineers in one region of the world and support series production in another region.

With operating locations in 38 countries, we provide superior service to a global base of customers.


Locations Worldwide

We think global and act local!

WingFan with its headquarters in Hamburg, Germany is operating a global network of manufacturing locations on 5 continents and distribution in over 36 countries.

Search our worldwide distribution network to find a local WingFan representative:

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What makes us WingFan?

People at WingFan believe that we can contribute signifyingly to our customers aim of reducing emissions or fulfilling the ErP requirements to make the world a better place. We are working with talented and dedicated employees in a very international environment.

We have 16 different nationalities working for us in our headquarters in Hamburg. We have been living diversity before the word became “fashionable”.

In time of robots, AI and Production 4.0 we are even more convinced that it is the people that makes the difference. And that is the reason why our people have a high level of individual responsibility combined with short internal decision-making path in an working environment characterized by team spirit and mutual respect.

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Superior Service from
a long tradition

Our entire organization is structured to offer our customers tailor-​made solutions fine-​tuned to their requirements while providing additional benefits through world class service and smart fan technology.


We are the ones who design, test, manufacture and ship our product, we know them inside out. We make things in our own plants all over the world and things just work better when people making our products can tell the people designing them what could be better, different and streamlined to make our whole operation run more efficiently.

And because we make our products in our own plants, we can customize them for you giving the customer the best fan solution for his individual requirements.

Direct Sales

We are working directly with our customers since the beginning. This is the only way to really lean about our customers’ requirements and develop better solutions to solve them.

It give us a direct channel to hear their feedback and help us to build relationships that last for a long time. And most of our customers trust us since decades.

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Deep engineering expertise to drive innovative results

WingFan has always been the benchmark for the best fan solution in our markets. Since we have patented the adjustable pitch angle back in 1977 (and became the most copied standard in the industry today) most of the miles stones in fan design that you can find on the market came from WingFan.

Our R&D engineers are sitting door to door with our Sales engineers, Production and Quality people allowing them to listen to their experience with the goal to develop the best solution for our customers.

State-of-the-Art test facilities, e.g. one of the most advanced wind tunnels in the world, help to speed up the design process. As a result you can see that WingFan each single year introduces several new products.

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