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The history of WingFan - from the company foundation, first patent award and onwards to one of the worlds leading manufacturers of axial impellers:

April 1, 1928

The company was founded as W.Thur & Co. in Insterburg (Russia) by Waldemar Thur and Kurt Hennemann.

January 1936

Dipl. Ing. Herbert Hennemann joined the company as partner.

March 1936

Death of Waldemar Thur, Dipl. Ing. Erik Karberg joins as partner

Mai 1936

Renaming of the company to Karberg & Hennemann


Licence Agreement with C.C. Jensen (Denmark) for Oil Fine Filters


Co-operation agreement with the danish company F.S. Andersen for axial impellers under the brand name "Multi-Wing"


Kurt Hennemann's stepsons Christian and Jens Hogrefe join as limited partners


Christian and Jens Hogrefe become full partners


Patent No. 21 13 189 awarded for the method of manufacturing hollow plastic blades using the so-called X-blade root


Patent No. 24 39 767 awarded for the "Adjustable Pitch-Angles" (Z-root) together with the new blade profile 4Z and the appropriate Z-blade hubs that sets today the world standard


Launch of the first of 3 one-piece plastic impellers (VK-Series)


A new blade profile (8V series) with new hubs (Brand reg. G35 08 218.8)


Development of a new blade for reversible airflow (R4-series)


Patrick and Sven Hogrefe, the eldest sons of Jens and Christian Hogrefe join the company


Development of a new circular arc blade profile (K7-Series)


8V-Series now with Z-root becomes the K8-Series


Termination of the co-operation with the Danish company F.S. Andersen (today known as to Multi-Wing International)

January 2004

The third generation of management was taken over by the cousins Patrick and Sven Hogrefe

February 2004

Launch of the new P7T and P9T-Series, replacing the 7X and 8X-Series

March 2004

Replacement of 6Z-Series with the improved and performance optimised K7Z-Series.

Addition of the P6Z-Series to the P4Z and P5Z ranges (previously 4Z and 5Z) offering improved air flow rates and static pressures at the same diameter and rotational speed.

April 2004

The launch of the new S-Series S2+S4+S6 with sickle shape blade design for noise reduction

May 2004

The axial impeller division of Karberg & Hennemann splits to form a new company "WingFan"

August 2006

The managing director Patrick Hogrefe buys all shares of WingFan and becomes the sole shareholder

November 2006

The companies´ register is changed from WingFan GmbH & Co. KG to WingFan Ltd. & Co. KG due to the newly appointed general partner WingFan Management Ltd.

December 2006

The newly built and worlds most advanced Chamber Test Rig (Multiple nozzle) goes into operation

February 2007

The sickle blade series is extended with the new S1H blade profile

March 2007

Launch of the new sickle blade S5Y-Series, together with the new Y-hub range (5-, 6-, 7-, 8-blade)

January 2009

WingFan Ltd. & Co. KG (Germany) purchases all shares of WingFan GB Ltd. (England) retroactively from 01.11.2008

February 2009

WingFan presents the sickle shaped one-piece-fan VS2.